You've gotta see it to believe it!


We are currently raising funds to build a state of the art habitat for our rapidly growing Komodo Dragon – Balu.

Balu was born in Prague Zoo and arrived here at the Darling Downs Zoo in March 2020.

Since arriving he has grown at an astonishing rate, almost outgrowing his home here.

We have been notified that we will receive another young Komodo Dragon next year so the rush is on to build new accommodation for them.  Our new Komodo habitat will enable us to separate the Dragons when needed and will provide each animal with temperature and climate controlled indoor living as well as spacious outdoor enclosures complete with swimming pools!

Komodo Dragons are the largest lizards on the planet.  They can grow to 3 metres long, but their powerful tail accounts for half of this length.  They can weigh up to 90 kilograms.  Adults are not good climbers but they can run at over 20 kilometres an hour.  They love to swim.

In the wild they are only found on five Indonesian islands – nowhere else on earth.  On those islands their population is affected by habitat destruction and human poaching.

Despite the best efforts of the Indonesian government and the world’s zoos, the Komodo Dragon wild population has recently been re-classified from Vulnerable to ENDANGERED.

The Darling Downs Zoo has adopted this species as one of it’s preservation priority species.

We urgently need financial assistance to provide state of the art facilities for Komodos here and would be very grateful for any support that you can give us.

Donations can lodged through the DONATE button on this page and all donations are tax deductible.

Every cent that we receive is spent on the preservation of wildlife species at risk – nothing is deducted for administrative expenses or anything other than the upkeep of our animals.

Thank you!