We are extremely grateful to the many benefactors who have donated money to the zoo, engaged in fund raising activities for us or have honoured us with bequests. Please talk to us about what you can do to help our projects in this way and what we can do to immortalise your memory here at the zoo.

Not all of our benefactors help us with financial support. We are equally grateful to those of you who donate plants to beautify the zoo, fertiliser, animal food, use of machinery, paper and …… time!

Our major project at the moment is to raise funds to build a wonderful new habitat for our rapidly growing Komodo Dragon, Balu, and his new mate who is due to arrive next year.

Balu was born in Prague Zoo and arrived here at the Darling Downs Zoo in March 2020 as part of a global species conservation program.

Since arriving he has grown at an astonishing rate and will soon outgrow his current home here.

Our planned new Komodo Kingdom will provide Balu and his new mate spacious, climate controlled indoor housing as well as huge outdoor areas in which to roam and swim.

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the Indonesian government and the world’s participating zoos, the wild Komodo Dragon population has recently been reclassified from Vulnerable to ENDANGERED.

Your help would be greatly appreciated to assist in our preservation work with this iconic species.

You can donate via the DONATE button on this page, your donation will be tax deductible and every cent will be spent on our preservation work here at the zoo.


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