Other Mammals




Our Other Mammals covers everything from Kangaroo’s to Giraffe’s. Some of our animals can be hand fed with pellets purchased from the Zoo Shop. For just $2 a bag you can hand feed the Kangaroo’s and Emu’s, Red Deer, Blackbuck, Llama, Guanaco and Tapir!

AUSTRALIAN – most native mammals are only active at night. During the day you can see our Wombats and Koalas sleeping but at night you can also see our Rufous Bettongs, Squirrel Gliders and Ring-tailed Possums. Our Red Kangaroos and Emus are a bit more active by day, especially if you are going to feed them! However, while our Dingoes are in their new home, public access is still a work in progress.

SOUTH-EAST ASIAN – Red Deer and Blackbuck may come closer for food (purchased for $2 upon entry) however you need to visit our Primate and Cats Pages to see more.

AFRICA – See the tallest animal in the world, the Giraffe, as well as the Critically Endangered Antelope called an Addax, or the hungry Hippo, Kamina, see the 5th largest rodent the Cape Porcupine and the tiny Meerkats. Don’t miss the stripy Zebra and pesky Ostrich too.

SOUTH-AMERICAN – the rodent capital of the world! See the largest rodent, the Capybara, the 4th largest, the Mara, and the unusual Brazilian Agouti. South America is also home to our rare Brazilian Tapir and a multitude of primates and reptiles.