Tuesday, 18 February 2020 12:56



After such a prolonged dry spell it is wonderful to see the surrounding countryside, and the zoo itself, looking so beautiful!!

This does not mean that the drought has broken - far from it.  We will need a long period of follow up rains for that to be said with any certainty.

It also does not mean that drought affected people and businesses have now recovered.  It will take quite a few years for many of us just to get back to the position that we were in before the drought hit.

What it does mean is that you, our visitors, can enjoy your visit in cooler, more appealing conditions.

We have lots of new things for you to see - baby Blackbuck Antelope, baby Emperor and Red-handed Tamarins, a bachelor group of the cheekiest Squirrel Monkeys you will ever see, Kangaroo joeys galore, our bouncing Serval sisters, tiny new-born baby Baboons and our very impressive pair of Maned Wolves. - just to name a few!!

Check out the website for a range of personal Animal Encounters that can be purchased daily.

We are open every day of the week from 9am.  Last admission time is 3pm and the zoo closes each day at 4pm.

Zoo admission, as well as personal Animal Encounters, can be purchased online for your convenience.