Thursday, 06 February 2020 11:38


The zoo is receiving much needed good soaking rain!  Not enough to produce any run off into the dam yet but enough to make the grass nice and green.

This nice green colour does not mean that the drought is broken - far from it.  However, it does mean that the zoo, and the drive out to the zoo, is now much prettier.

The rain has meant that our paths are much softer than they have been.  At the moment they are not really suitable for people with mobility issues or people with prams and strollers with small city wheels.

Our Giraffe are ungainly and are  particularly susceptible to injuries to their limbs from slippery ground conditions.  While their paddock is so wet they will be kept in their holding yard and stables for their safety and welfare.  They will only be viewable from a distance.

We apologise for any disappointment but hope that you understand that the safety of our animals, our visitors and our staff will always be our priority.