Wednesday, 29 December 2021 15:43


As with every other zoo in Queensland, the Darling Downs Zoo is legally obliged to comply with the law.

At the moment the law is very specific that all people who enter the zoo, even our staff and contractors, must be double vaccinated or have an authorised exemption.

All entrants must show our staff proof of vaccinations in an acceptable form, or an appropriately issued exemption from vaccination.

The zoo is liable for very heavy fines if it does not obey this law.

We understand that there are some people who do not wish to be vaccinated and we respect that choice.

We do not have any choice about the law and so we ask that you respect our position.

Do not take your anger out against our staff - they can't change the law for you.   However, they are duty bound to ensure that all entrants to the zoo are in compliance with the law. 

Please show them the respect that we are all showing you.