Darling Downs Zoo is Queensland's major regional zoo and is situated in a tranquil rural setting on Queensland's beautiful eastern Darling Downs ... about midway between Toowoomba and Warwick.

The zoo is family owned by Steve and Stephanie Robinson who have devoted their lives to the care of all creatures great and small.

The Darling Downs Zoo is an Animal Welfare Accredited Full Regional member of the Zoo and Aquarium Association of Australasia [ZAA].

The zoo is divided into four separate geographical areas and features animals from Africa, South America, South-east Asia as well as Australia. Our emphasis is on housing and displaying animals in appropriate social groupings as well as in naturalistically themed habitats.

The zoo specialises in the captive husbandry and breeding of many Critically Endangered, Endangered and Vulnerable species from around the world.

The Darling Downs Zoo does not receive any government or Council support and relies entirely on the income that it receives from it's visitors and some private benefactors.