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Here comes CHRISTMAS 2015!


As we head towards Christmas there are lots of things happening at the Darling Downs Zoo.

Our new two new Emperor Tamarins are settling in and preparing their impressive moustaches for Movember!

The new Meerkats are exploring every nook and cranny of their spacious outdoor enclosure.

Our Spring babies are all finding their feet and are very active - baby Blackbuck, Monkey babies, Marmoset twins, White Wallaby and Red Kangaroo joeys are enjoying life to the fullest.

And now it's time to start thinking about your loved ones.  Once again we are offering Gift Certificates as Christmas gifts.  You can purchase zoo admission or any one of our fabulous Animal Encounters - Meerkats, Big Cats, Marmoset or Zebra - as presents for no extra charges.  That's right - just the face value, no extra fees for posting, printing, handling or credit card costs.  Simply phone the zoo between 9am and 3pm Wednesday to Monday, have your credit card details handy and our friendly staff will do the rest.  We will print your personal message, laminate the certificate and mail it to the address that you nominate - all at no extra cost!  Experience in previous years has shown that it is wise not to leave your purchase too late - Australia Post starts to slow down as we get closer to Christmas.


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