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Eighth Birthday


The Darling Downs Zoo celebrated it's eighth birthday on the Queen's Birthday long weekend.


Despite a very wet Monday, record crowds helped us celebrate this milestone.  They enjoyed all our usual features as well as a jumping castle, pony rides, face painting, balloon animals and lots of birthday cake baked by our Senior Keeper, Renae.

The past year has been the most successful in the zoo's short history. 

 Numerous births were recorded with one of the most significant being that of Kwanza, the first White Lion to be born in Queensland.  Kwanza had to be hand raised when his mother ran out of milk but he thrived on specially prepared Lion milk substitute formula and has now reached the stage where his integration into our Lion pride has commenced.  Other significant births included Macaques, Marmosets, Llama, Kangaroo, Wallaby and numerous reptiles and birds.

A beautiful Serval, Pygmy Marmosets, Rhinoceros Iguanas and many other new species came to live with us.

During the past year the zoo was licensed as a quarantine facility and is now able to quarantine imported zoo animals.  There are some very exciting new species that will be quarantined here during the next year.

A significant milestone was our joining the prestigious Zoo and Aquarium Association.  Membership of this Association enables us to participate in conservation initiatives to a far greater extent than we could by ourselves.

The zoo's revamped Australian waterbird precinct opened to the public just in time for our birthday celebrations our Aussie Reptile House is currently being remodelled and should be open to the public in time for the Spring school holidays.

All of our successes could only have been achieved through team effort.  Without our wonderful staff and their supporting families, our suppliers, our neighbours, our dedicated 24 hour a day veterinarian,our vollies, our colleagues in the zoo world, our family and, especially, our loyal and supportive visitors there would not be a Darling Downs Zoo.  We thank them all and look forward to another twelve months working with them for the well being of our animals.


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