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We have recently had three beautiful White Lion cubs born at the zoo.  This is mum, Shenzi's, second litter.  Two years ago she and dad, Shaka, produced Kwanza - the first White Lion to be born in Queensland.  Kwanza eventually had to be hand raised after mum's milk dried up and now lives at the zoo with three girlfriends in a non-breeding pride.  This time Shenzi is doing a great job raising three cubs - one male and two females.  We imported Shaka and Shenzi from South Africa back in 2010 in an effort to preserve this beautiful type of African Lion.  The last confirmed sighting of an adult White Lion in the wild was in 1994.  That animal was a male and he was poached and his skin sold in a market.

Fortunately, some White Lions had previously been taken from wild prides and been selectively bred in some South African zoos.  Shaka and Shenzi can trace their lineage back to those animals.  Through careful selective breeding there are now several hundred White Lions living in the world's zoos.

Shenzi is very calm and contented with her three cubs and willingly lets us take them from her for weighing, health checks and photo opportunities.  You may have seen them on the National Nine news as well as in the Sunday Mail.

We can now confidently offer a limited number of visitors each day the opportunity to have a photo encounter with some of the cubs.  This will take place at 11am daily and numbers are very strictly limited.  The cost is $150 per person [exclusive of zoo admission cost] and bookings are essential by email at [email protected] or by phone on 07 4696 4107 between 9am and 3pm Wednesday to Monday.  The cubs grow very quickly so this opportunity won't be available for very long.

All of the money raised with these encounters will be used to support and expand our captive conservation and preservation initiatives.  These include our upcoming import of a breeding pair of Emperor Tamarins, participation in the global program to support the Sri Lankan Leopard, the addition of a breeding herd of Addax to the zoo's African precinct as well as Giraffes and White Rhinos.  All of these projects are enormously expensive to deliver.  The zoo does not receive any grants or government funding so your participation in our encounters helps us greatly.

Visitors not participating in an encounter can see the cubs briefly from 11.30am for no charge but interaction and photos with them will not be possible.




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